Thermal, longwave infrared (LWIR) spectral imagery can be used to fullest advantage only when the effects of the atmosphere have been removed and the data are output in units of emissivity or reflectance of materials in the scene. SSI’s FLAASH®-IR software performs accurate atmospheric correction and temperature-emissivity separation of material properties in the LWIR hyperspectral imagery (HSI) of the ground or outdoor objects.


  • Removes atmospheric features from spectral data in the LWIR fingerprint region
  • Outputs temperature maps and spectral emissivity or reflectance data cubes
  • Accurately processes reflective as well as non-reflective materials for both day- and nighttime data collection
  • No supporting measurements or presence of blackbody materials required
  • Supports any HSI system operating in the LWIR, including SEBASS, TASI, HyperCam, OWL, and HyTES
  • Validated, MODTRAN®-based method, used by Government and academic researchers
  • Developed by the same atmospheric correction experts who developed FLAASH® and QUAC® for VIS/SWIR HSI


  • Aerial surveys of mineral composition
  • Remote chemical detection and identification
  • Thermography (determines surface temperature independent of emissivity)
  • Atmosphere characterization
  • Industrial, environmental, and defense applications

Mineral spectra and abundance map derived by FLAASH-IR from SEBASS data taken at Cuprite, NV. Black line spectra are from the JHU minerals library.
Reference: R. Sundberg, S. Adler-Golden, and P. Conforti, Long-wavelength Infrared Hyperspectral Data “Mining” at Cuprite, NV, Proc. SPIE 9611, Imaging Spectrometry XX, 961107, doi: 10.1117/12.2187061, (2015).


  • Runs under ENVI®/IDL® versions 4.8 through 5.3
  • ENVI® standard image format I/O, BIL or BIP interleave
  • Wavelength range from 8-14 microns, spectral resolution from 0.02 – 0.2 microns.
  • Easy Configuration for ITRES TASI-600, Telops Hyper-Cam LW, SPECIM AisaOWL, NASA JPL HyTES, and Aerospace SEBASS and MAKO systems
  • Other sensors can be supported
  • Simple to use graphical user interface with default settings


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